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Aug. 11th, 2013


and now the fun.

who knew being a homeowner would be so hard.

First time homebuyer help is closed for Jefferson Parish :/

However, Patrick and I may explore options in Destrehan..St. Charles Parish. You know, the parish I work for. ugh it's so rural out there and I'm a city person. Maybe first time homebuyer help is available there

If not, plan B. move into a hard-to-find rental that ACCEPTS PETS for several months while waiting to see if Jeff. Parish opens this up again.


Jun. 29th, 2013


Bella Beard

I could hurt Quandell for not letting me know how bad of a condition this puppy was in.

No shots, no wellness vet visit, not spayed...
smelly, nails were very long....
scrapes and cuts all over her?

First vet visit tomorrow
I hope they tell me she's perfect


May. 16th, 2013



Can we please just be happily married already?

It's the logical next step for a couple as insanely healthy and in love as us

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Aug. 30th, 2012




Jul. 8th, 2012



maybe it's about time I put this journal to rest.

although, livejournal and I have been together since I was 13.

all the more reason?
~13 years.


Apr. 28th, 2012


opera night @ the Mahalia

you can't tell me something like... "dont think too much into this."

lol, because I'm gunna.

and I show all of the signs of pleasant feelings when I continue to think into it! :)
...like the young female I am, duh.

anyway, my baby is off to Wisconsin and Illinois for the next 5 days. he will eat awesome foods and see his niece and nephew again and attend a baseball game which he is all too excited about...

I'm more than glad that he gets this mini-vacation/spring break time.

damn, the boy works so hard. you can easily tell. he deserves the relaxation time with his family.

i will spend my days working and preparing to swim against furious waves!! I WILL pass and become a certified lifeguard. I'm glad to be getting in shape in lieu of everything also!


Oct. 2nd, 2011


and speaking of kryz yu....

i've been in love with this outfit since i saw it a week ago. i first went to Plato's closet to find high-waist leopard linen loose shorts....... to no avail, but i did find an extremely similar skirt. the shirt is a basic. the sheer overcoat, i bought something similar from F21 for $13, same color. the necklace i'm still working on...but THE SHOES. where could i ever find something like that? she personally told me she got them from some obscure site that distributes in the Philippines.

so i walk into charlotte rousse yesterday and saw these............

you better believe i didn't even think twice about it.
$38.50...but i spent about $31+tax because it was happy hour there or something.

i love them. i love them. i love them.
of course i wish they were the brown ones but, this i can work with!

pay no attention to my toes. they need to be repainted like, now!

...all im missing is a very unique necklace, that i actually might take the time to make!


Oct. 28th, 2010



because of course i had to take the time to do this at 2am.
because i have a life and all.

we all know that i was an off and on employee of Papa John's beginning in the year of 2005.
it was my very first job ever, and the last time I was officially employed there was only two months ago in August of 2010. ive been employed there at least once every year since 2005, and i've worked at several different locations...making me a self-proclaimed expert of intelligence when it comes to this pizza chain. i even worked at this specific location where i ordered this pizza today, last being employed there in early 2009.

that being said, the last time i even ate a slice of pizza from there was years ago.
however today...today i decided that i actually really wanted a Chicken BBQ pizza.

so i walk up to the counter.
"excuse me m'am. id like a medium-sized CHBQ but with no onions. also, light on the sauce but PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR. PLEASE evenly spread the sauce. oh yeah, is there any way you can use the chipotle bbq sauce instead of the normal?"

--"sorry m'am, im not really allowed to do that..."

"are you SURE you cant do that!? yeah okay, sure. i wont badger you about it. i dont want you to get in trouble."

--"that'll be $12.95."

so then i wait about 5 minutes and this is what im handed.

are you serious?!
let's start with the obvious.
i ordered a medium. that means, a 12-inch pizza. that means, FOUR CUTS. that means, EIGHT EVENLY-CUT SLICES.

1.) as you can see, the genius on the cut table cut this as a small, 10-inch pizza (three cuts). they arent even-cuts at all, either. -1 points.
2.) also: you can very well just tell that the dough on one side of this pizza is very fluffy, while the other side is very flat. fail. -1 points.

lets look at this from another angle, now..

now, for this i had to really take it to a whole new level of angry.
so ive come up with this color-coded system of judgement.

(*for the record, this picture was taken before the one above. i was handed this pizza with the slices apart just like this.)

3.) the green - absolutely no edge-locking of course. this crust is all over the place. quite obviously. -1 points.

4.) the red - didn't i specifically ask for the sauce to be evenly-spread? you can see that in one area, there is barely any sauce while in another area (close to the crust), there is a load of it. this is what happens when people cant use a spoodle. -1points.

5.) the orange - you can see that in one area, there is a ton of cheese, while in another area, there is barely any cheese. again with the even-distribution of cheese. there is also cheese all over the crust. uh-uh. -1points.

6.) the blue - TOPPINGS. i seriously felt as if there were toppings all over one side of the pizza, while the other was meant to be just a cheese pizza.... cause there were basically no toppings on the other half. huge fail. -1points even though i should take off 2.

7.) the pink - ONE SINGLE ONION ON MY PIZZA. think that's a piece of chicken? well guess what, it's not. im done. this is what happens when people mindlessly start putting toppings on a pizza, realize "oh damn.", and then start picking pieces off... but then accidentally leave some. -1 points, even though i should take off 5783403854 points.

so let's just say that i give this pizza a 3/10.
papa john's has a rule that if a pizza is less than an 8/10, you throw it away and make another until it's just right.


by the way, on my sticker.. my name was spelled "coi" when i clearly told her "K-O-I."

not gonna lie, pizza was pretty good cause i was starving.
in general, the nature of this entry isnt very serious at all lol.. i just was hoping jodie would read it and laugh.
i dont really care that much. even though i must admit that it pisses me off that i pay $12.95 for a papa johns pizza that im used to getting for free.... and i cant even get my choice of bbq sauce on the shit.

this shall be my first and only and last public journal entry.
tell all your friends.

Feb. 21st, 2006



friends only :]

i add pretty much everyone who adds me though

<3 Koi